This blog follows the process of Cristina Mele, a communication designer at Carnegie Mellon University, as she completes her senior year project in the Speak Lab. The purpose of this lab is to investigate topics that are based on extraordinary and odd events. Why? Because communicating complicated information in a simple and compelling manner is challenging. Over a period of five weeks, she will work to foster agility in speaking through design. She will take chances and challenge the conventional ways of thinking and making.

Oct 2 2011
Oct 1 2011
Still designing

Still designing

Sep 28 2011
Design phase! 

Design phase! 

Sep 27 2011

Story + sketches 

Sep 26 2011

Take Part

Found a great food blog called Take Part, check it out.

Sep 21 2011

Nutrition Plate Unveiled

The new design, called MyPlate, was conceived as a crucial part of Mrs. Obama’s campaign against obesity, designed to remind consumers about the basics of a healthful diet.

The plate is split into four sections, for fruit, vegetables, grains and protein. A smaller circle sits beside it for dairy products.”

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Food News: The US Farm Bill

"In this series of conversations with Dan Imhoff, he explains how the farm bill has evolved, and what it has come to mean for farmers and the American public. If you think it’s just politics as usual, you may be astonished at what you hear."

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Sep 20 2011

INCREDIBLY CORNY, but actually very informational

"Stonyfield Organic dairy firm CEO Gary Hirshberg decided to put together a little video as he launched a year long education campaign to spread the word on the problems that we face due to industiral farming. While i dont think that anyone expects that this guy is going to get an invite to the next soul train awards I like his idea.

This promotion is not just to feed your ears, you can also take part! If you visit the Just Eat Organic website you can submit videos of your own to be mixed into their next creation. So flip on that camera and do your best “Just Eat Organic” rap and maybe you will get featured!”

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